Appalachian Terror Unit | Pallbearers | Logarda | Oroku Saki and the Foot

New Orleans, LA

at Siberia Nola

June 28, 2012 10:00 pm - 2:00 am
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Time: 10:00pm     Day: Thursday     Doors: 9:00pm     Ages: 18+ Ages     Price: $6
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(Profane Existance crust/punk from West Virginia)

(NOLA kings of horror punk)

(NOLA sludgy metal from members of FSUP)

(NOLA porn grind...finally back in action!)

Appalachian Terror Unit

Appalachian Terror Unit is a Huntington, West Virginia anarchist band. The often mispronounced "Appalachian" in the band name is pronounced "apple-AT-chin" as guitarist/vocalist Chris clarified in a mid-'06 Profane Existence interview featured in PE #52/53. Members are: Sarah (vocals), Chris (guitar, vocals), Phil (drums), and Matt (bass). ATU cites influences from Detente, Amebix, Anti-Cimex, old Sepultura, Final Warning, Misery, and

The Pallbearers

There are at least TWO bands known as "The Pallbearers" The Pallbearers (USA) New Orleans Horror Punk act The Pallbearers started in 1997. The Pallbearers were born into this craphole of a world as a four piece drunken punk blast of disgusted hate and pure violence. they started off under the name "street trash" and had a set-list that was about 15 minutes long and consisted of 12 extremely fast songs pulling influence from poison idea and early…